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2 new portable lights from Energizer

This month Energizer has launched its new Light Fusion Technology range of portable lights, very timely products as our country undergoes intermittent load shedding. The range includes two excellent products; The Folding Lantern and the 2 in 1 Standing Light, both able to emit a more uniform light, and the same amount of brightness as [...]

nikon sportstar binocular

Buyers guide: binoculars

You’re at the counter of your favourite outdoor store, ready to buy your first pair of binoculars. The choice is overwhelming and the jargon a little frightening! Here’s what you need to know to help you find the pair that suits to your needs – and your budget. The two main factors to consider are [...]

heart rate monitor

Why train with a heart rate monitor?

To reach your fitness goals and maintain them, you need to train smarter, not harder. This can be achieved by understanding your heart. Listen to your heart: Your “maximum heart rate” is the maximum number of times your heart beats in one minute. Calculate your maximum heart rate: Take the number 220 for men or [...]

saeko vision swimming goggles

Buyers guide: swimming goggles

If you’re on the lookout for some new swimming goggles but aren’t sure what to go for, look no further! Follow our useful guide: Types of goggles Competition goggles These fit close to the eye socket to reduce drag. As they’re meant for racing, they can be uncomfortable if you use them every day for [...]