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Our guide to choosing the best TV for you

While the level of choice of LED TVs is great, it can make buying a TV feel overwhelming. Here’s our guide to choosing the best TV for you. Buyer’s Guide: For most of us, the main factors that influence our decision are screen size and price. But there are other things to consider. • Make [...]

swimming goggles

Buyer’s guide to choosing swimming goggles

Types of goggles Competition goggles These fit close to the eye socket to reduce drag. They’re meant for racing, so they can be uncomfortable if you use them every day for long periods. The best ones are designed to allow peripheral vision. Training goggles Generally more comfortable than competition goggles, they’re designed to be worn [...]

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How rewarding is your reward programme?

Is your wallet bulging with loyalty cards? How many of them do you use? And do they really benefit you? Before you sign up – and pay a fee, in some cases – look at your spending habits and what works for you, instead of chasing rewards. HOW THEY WORK The simplest involve collecting 10 [...]

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Consumer Awards 2014 – Stockists

Get all the stockist details for our Consumer Awards 2014 finalists and winners.