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Laptop Buyer’s guide

*Click to see our latest laptop reviews! CHOOSING THE PERFECT LAPTOP IF… • You’re on a tight budget An inexpensive laptop is perfect if you just need to perform standard tasks. But you won’t get as much processing power as in a desktop model. Also, in cheaper models, design is often compromised, so they can [...]


Lighten up

Solar lights are a great addition to outdoor areas. Position them anywhere – as long as the solar panel is in the sun. They are practical, affordable, functional and Eskom-proof – and the best thing is that there are no running costs. How solar lights work Photovoltaic cells absorb sunlight during the day and the [...]


GEAR UP and get into shape! How to choose walking/running shoes

WHICH WALKING/ RUNNING SHOES would be best for me? Every foot has its own personality, and shoes are now designed to accommodate this. So how do you choose what’s best for you? We asked the experts. If you’re specifically looking for shoes to walk in, invest in a pair of running shoes, as the movements [...]


PRE-LOVED iPhones sells online

If you want a really nice cell phone but on a tight budget – i2 is a good place to start looking. iFix, a cell phone device repair specialist has launched a new brand called i2, which sells pre-loved iPhones online. You will love this idea if you don’t mind purchasing devices that are refurbished. [...]

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