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Retro style speakers from Shibby Beats

Summer’s not over yet… and there’s nothing better than reclining outdoors in the sun listening to your favourite tunes. Shibby Beats is a local speaker company started by husband and wife duo Michelle and Grant Tomlinson, who live in Port Elizabeth. So far they have two gorgeous products available: Shibby Unwind and Shibby Road Trip. [...]


Get rid of your debt

If your debt is piling up, it may be time for a major shift in your habits. Take a look at your budget, identify where you’re overspending – and stop. Relish the challenge! Here are some great ideas: • Cut up plastic store cards. • No takeaways, restaurants, clothes or gadgets (until your debt is [...]


Why cook with induction?

For the seasoned (ahem) chef, cooking with induction hobs is something to really consider. First of all, how does it work? Induction hobs essentially work with magnets. Each hob has an induction element – i.e. a powerful, high frequency electromagnet. You need special ferromagnetic pots and pans. When they are placed within the magnetic field [...]


Paper vs email bank statements – which is better for managing your money?

Do you prefer the convenience of receiving bills and bank statements via email? According to a recent study, this could mean that you’re not making as good financial decisions as if you received them by post! According to The Guardian, London Economics did a study for the Keep Me Posted campaign – a British coalition [...]